Recycled Crafts

There has been a lot of talk in the media lately about going green and protecting the environment, how is all this buzz impacting the crafting world?

Crafts from recycled materials are great rainy day craft projects because they include things that you already have on hand in your recycling bin. Here at Silly Simple Living we have featured a number of recycled crafts over the last few months, here are some of the highlights:

plastic bag flowerRecycled Plastic Bag Flowers:

These quick flowers are a great way to use up old plastic grocery bags creating clutter in your home. The project is quick and easy, and yields a delightful result. You could even try it with a few different colors of plastic bags.

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Recycled Wine Bottle Centerpiece:Recycled Wine Bottle

In honor of the last minute preparation for Thanksgiving here is an idea for a quick and simple centerpiece. I took an empty wine bottle (yum) and removed all of the labels and cleaned it out well…

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Paper Flower BouquetFrugal Craft: Recycled Paper Flower Pins:

You can use these flowers for a variety of different uses. They make great party favors or table seating pieces, just stick them inside an old wine cork. Alternatively, you could use them as push pins in your bulletin board, or even go old fashioned and wear them on your lapel.

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newspaper bag finishedDIY Recycled Crafts: Easy Newspaper Gift Bags:

you can make 10 of these bags from one Sunday edition of the Washington Post, and it took about 2 hours to finish all of them, so this would be a great DIY recycled craft project to prep favors for a holiday party or wedding.

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Coaster SetRecycled Fabric Coasters made with Crochet:

As the weather gets colder what is better than a hot cup of tea/coffee on a cold morning?  With my new found love of warm coffee mugs on a cold morning, I created a set of re-purposed fabric scrap coasters to keep my coffee cup company. This was a simple and frugal project because I used fabric left over from an old (and failed) project.

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Vase with FlowerUpcycled Craft: Painted Bud Vase:

For my glass creation I took a vase, or rather a glass container from my recycling bin.  I dropped in several drops of acrylic craft paint and a few drops of water. Pin It






Dry Erase BoardFrugal Crafting: DIY Dry Erase Board:

One of my favorite moments in crafting is when I can use things that I have already to create something new.  This is doubly so when the things I have are stuff that was going to be thrown away, recycled, or donated in the near future.  Recently I made a new Dry Erase board for my kitchen to help keep track of meal planning, grocery lists and other notes.

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Newspaper Seed StarterRecycled Newspaper Seed Containers:

I LOVED this project, these are addictive pots to make, I sat down to create just one of these to take photographs of and ended up making half a dozen just because it was so much fun I didn’t want to stop.

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Egg Carton Seed Starter FinishedRecycled Egg Carton Seed Containers:

I had so much fun with the ice cube tray seed starters that I started to wonder what else I had hanging around the house that I could use.   When these sorts of “use what you have on hand crafting” moods strike the recycling bin is the perfect starting point :-)   One of the items that I found in the recycling bin was a card board egg carton….

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Ice cube tray seed starterRepurpose Ice Cube Trays into planters:

The first seed starter attempt is a repurposed ice cube tray.  Ice Cube trays are one of those throw backs to the days before automated ice makers, lots of people have them gather dust around their home (or maybe this is just my home?).

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  2. linda nicolai says:



  3. Holly says:

    I like your collection of projects and I’m excited to look around! Thank you !

  4. Holly Mackay says:

    I like the look of the projects you’ve collected and I’m excited to look around!

  5. Carolyn Vannoy says:

    I love all the ideas you’ve shown! How smart and creative you are. I’d love to be on your e-mail list.

  6. Tina McCarrick says:

    Love what I see so far! Please keep me updated!

  7. Tina McCarrick says:

    Love what I see so far. Please keep me updated!

  8. Maryam Mustafa says:

    i am a huge reuse fan and try a whole lot of creative stuff. i hate waste and have found that most stuff can be reused. the best part is that the end result of reusing always gets me loads of compliments.

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