Book Review: 3-Fabric Quilts: Quick techniques for simple projects

I have written before about how so many crafty skills can be learned on YouTube. From crochet to knitting to candle making YouTube demonstrations are great because you can start, stop and replay them if there are parts you don’t understand. some crafts though are more difficult to master through YouTube. Quilting is one of them.

I was inspired to learn to quilt by this fabulous quilt over at Knotty Bits blog. I wanted to learn, but didn’t know the first thing about the process. I tried teaching myself online but I needed something where I could read about the process both comprehensively and with detailed steps and advice. I found this book: 3-Fabric Quilts: Quick Techniques for Simple Projectswhich helped me work through my first two quilts.
3-Fabric Quilts is a useful resource for those interested in learning the basics of quilting and creating simple quilts. The book gives solid advice about fabric selection, colors and equipment that you need to start out with. For each project it states how much fabric to buy for both a small baby version and standard twin size quilt.

The author Leni Levenson Wiener does a great job giving directions for the basic quilt and then hinting that there might be more advanced techniques to learn down the line. For example, the author lays out methods for both binding by machine, and by hand, but goes into the most detail about hand binding. She makes it clear that there are many methods for binding a quilt, but lays out one simple technique in great detail to get you started.

This quilting book is a really great tool for those interested in getting started with quilts. I would recommend it to a friend :-)

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  1. Thanks for this great review! I wanted to write a book that made the whole process easy and approachable for beginners, and am thrilled to hear you have completed two quilts using my book! Send me photos, I would love to see them.

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