Frugal Gardening 2012: Seed starting revisited

frugal gardening seed startingHere in the DC area we have had a delightfully mild winter so far (insert superstitious ramblings about knocking on wood in hopes that this trend continues). Even with the mild winter I am still eagerly awaiting spring; and to prepare, Mr. Silly Simple and I have started growing some seeds indoors. Last year we embarked on an ambitious and creative seed starting campaign (more on that below).

Last year I loved the idea of having all these plants ready to go in the ground at the first sign of spring. It was frugal, it was green, it was great. What I didn’t realize is that you are actually only supposed to plant a few types of seeds indoors before the season begins. In my agricultural zone, plants like squash, lettuce, beans and carrots can be planted right into the ground in spring (who knew?).

Now that we are in year two of the frugal garden adventure we have much less glamorous plans in terms of seed starting. Our goals are a few tomato plants, and a few pepper plants. We are focusing on varieties that aren’t readily available as fully formed plants at the local garden center. By keeping the total number of seedlings low (~10 total) we hope to be able to focus more on keeping them watered in a window, and help them to adjust to the outdoors better in preparation for spring planting.

Want to find out more about great ways to start seeds indoors? I discussed this at length last spring, check out these great posts:

Newspaper Seed StarterRecycled Newspaper Seed Containers:

I LOVED this project, these are addictive pots to make, I sat down to create just one of these to take photographs of and ended up making half a dozen just because it was so much fun I didn’t want to stop. (more)



tomatoes in ice cube trayRepurpose Ice Cube Trays into planters:

The first seed starter attempt is a repurposed ice cube tray.  Ice Cube trays are one of those throw backs to the days before automated ice makers, lots of people have them gather dust around their home (or maybe this is just my home?). (more)


Egg Carton Seed Starter FinishedRecycled Egg Carton Seed Containers:

I had so much fun with the ice cube tray seed starters that I started to wonder what else I had hanging around the house that I could use.   When these sorts of “use what you have on hand crafting” moods strike the recycling bin is the perfect starting point :-)   One of the items that I found in the recycling bin was a card board egg carton….(more)

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Have you started planning your garden this year? What new things are you thinking about trying?

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