Recycled paper valentine crafts: Heart garland

valentine's garland

When it comes to holiday crafts in general I like easy ones. This heart garland for Valentine’s Day is not only easy, but the end result is simple & elegant. It works great as a Valentine’s Day craft for children, too!

To make this easy Valentine craft you will need:

1) Print and cut out heart templatesthe templates above using any printer that makes lines you can see. I used regular printer paper because that is what I had on hand. If you are making a big garland with lots of pieces, or you are working with kids you might consider creating templates from card stock.





2) Take 1/2 page of newspaper newspaper templateand fold it in half, then fold it in half again. Trace your large template twice onto the newspaper as shown, then cut the hearts out. You will want to be sure to cut through all the layers of paper. You will repeat this process with your pink construction paper and the smaller template.



3) Assemble your hearts.  Each newspaper heart glueheart should have a pink construction paper heart in the middle. Glue them together with your glue stick–or whatever kind of glue you like.





4) To create the hanger on the back, I used hot glue and a bent paper clip. This way you can adjust the position of your hears any way you like.  The back of my hearts look like this:

garland hanger

 5) The last step is to hang a piece of twine where you would like your garland to go, and then add each heart to the twine. I like to use twine because it is both relatively inexpensive and it has a great texture that really adds something to simple projects.

Crafty Valentine Garland

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  1. Very cute!! I love how frugal and easy this garland is! Thanks for sharing it on the Take it on Tuesday blog hop!! I’m going to pin this!

  2. This is really cute! Love how easy it looks… and the use of the newspaper! Adorable!

  3. I loved this project so much, I featured it on today’s Take it on Tuesday blog hop!!

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