Five Things: My favorite recipes…


Here in the Silly Simple household we have been doing and thinking about a lot of cooking lately, so I thought I would share with you some of my favorite foods.

5) Vegetable Stock From Kitchen Scraps— I have a batch of this cooking right now actually, it is great to stock up on and lasts a long time in ice cube shapes in the freezer.

Vegetable Stock from Kitchen Scraps


4)  Frugal Bread Dough— This recipe is still our go to recipe for standard white bread. It is easy to make, delicious and keeps well in the fridge and freezer.

Frugal Bread Dough

3)  The Best Brownies Ever! These brownies take a standard boxed brownie mix and make it phenomenal, a really not to be missed recipe.

The Best Brownies Ever!

2)  Easy Guacamole Dip— We have this recipe at least once a week, it is great with black beans and rice, with tortilla chips or in a myriad of other dishes.

Easy Homemade Guacamole

1)  Cranberry Citrus Coffee Cake— Otherwise known as Christmas coffee cake. This recipe can only be made with fresh cranberries, so it can be a little difficult to make when cranberries aren’t readily available in stores (why are cranberries only sold in the grocery store during the holidays?). It is a delicious and coveted dessert here in the Silly Simple household.

cranberry citrus coffee cake



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