Use plastic bags to make your own flowers

plastic bag flower

Yesterday’s crafty afternoon flower making session was fun. I love the coffee filter flowers that we made, but not as much as my morning coffee. I need those filters! Since I have way more spare plastic grocery bags than coffee filters I decided to try some new techniques. Here is my version of the peony with plastic bags:


plastic bag flower supply list

  • Plastic grocery bag
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Wire cutters
  • Bowl or other circular object



1) Cut out the plastic bag so that you exclude the logo portion of the bag. You want to get a large rectangular shape from the flattened bag. Once you have the bag flattened and shaped you will fold the bag into 8ths.

2) Trace the shape of your bowl or circular project on the folded up plastic. Then cut around your pencil drawing-you will cut through all 8 layers of plastic.

trace a circle

3) Keeping your 8 circular layers together, fold the whole thing into 16ths and round the top edge like this:

folded circles of plastic bag

4) Once you have rounded the tops, open up your circles.

5) Take a 6 inch piece of floral wire. Make a small loop at one end.

6) Take each circular piece of plastic and push it on to the wire starting on the straight end.  Push all the way until the plastic stops at the loop on the other side of the wire.

push each set of petals onto the wire

7) To finish wrap a piece of floral tape around the base of the flower and the floral wire, pushing the petals upward to create the peony shape. You may need to adjust the flower a bit with your fingers to get the results you like.

Viola you are done!

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8 Responses to Use plastic bags to make your own flowers

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  3. I love your plastic flower! It’s so pretty and dainty!

  4. great use for them! thanks for linking up to Make it Monday! :)

  5. Fun idea! Great way to reuse plastic bags. I am featuring this today at

  6. Kristina says:

    Super cute and free-love and pinning! I have been loving all the repurposed flower ideas out there like yours!

  7. Wanda says:

    Thanks for sharing! I had forgotten making these out of paper when I was a little girl. I used a Sharpie Permanent Market to edge the flowers while the circles were folded up. Then I used the Elmer Spray Glue once the flower was assembled to give the flimsy plastic some stiffness and also to hold the layers in place. You could use these for so many things: decorating gift boxes, wreaths, vases, Christmas tree … the list goes on! Not great at photo taking so hope this gives you an idea of how much fun this can be. Again, thanks for sharing!

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