Five simple living concepts to love in 2012

Simple Living Concepts

With the start of the New Year many people do retrospectives (uhm), and others set goals (guilty). I thought I would pair these things with some predictions, or at least wishes, for 2012. These are simple living concepts that I hope we will all have time to think about in 2012.

1)  Simple isn’t just about finding a better closet organizer. It is about living smaller so you don’t need as many organizers. I love this story about using beautiful jam jars as organizers, and how by simplifying you won’t actually need them anymore.

2) It doesn’t always have to be perfect. Accepting that truly living is more important than living perfectly.

3) The tiny house movement– a trend among home designers and buyers to create flexible resourceful home designs for houses < 500 sqft. Even if you aren’t ready to jump into a tiny space yourself the movement still epitomizes the lifestyle of doing more with less.

4) Appreciate the beauty in everyday life. When you really have time to step back and take an objective perspective on your life, you will realize that there is much beauty in the everyday world, that your Mom has good things to say and it is a good idea to follow your heart even if you have to fight for it.

5) Enjoy a good homemade meal. There are few ways to express your creativity that don’t require investment in expensive equipment, but cooking is one of those ways. A meal is a time to stop. connect. and enjoy the people around you.

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