5 Holiday tradition ideas for your family to consider adopting

Here are my 5 ideas for great family holiday traditions to get started on this year:
christmas tree

1) Skype ?!? You mean this isn’t a holiday tradition yet? With our increasingly more mobile families and increasing connections through technology, video conferencing is a great way to bring your family and friends together throughout the year but especially right about now.

2) Send Christmas cookies because they are yummy and your friends and family will like eating them. Be alarmed if you find yourself sending them because you think you should have your own cooking show… unless you really should have your own cooking show.

3) It’s ok to celebrate Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and dozens of other holiday parties before and after the actual Christmas day. This is a great way to avoid the stress of driving around on Christmas day to visit your whole family.

4) Make handmade Christmas ornaments because they are fun to make. As an added bonus, when you pull out your ornament box next year you will have great memories of years past to decorate with.

5) Do something that isn’t perfect. Maybe the tree is crooked but you decorate it anyway, or you have more house guests than plates during your holiday party. The point is to celebrate real life, not the fictional version you see in magazines.

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  1. This is a great list!!! During this Christmas season, I’ve been stressing a little to much and my husband has helped show some perspective. It’s not about getting stressing, it’s just about ENJOYING the 2-5 simple Christmas traditions you have as a family!!

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