5 Ways you can give back for the holidays

To be honest, I think you know this stuff already. It just seems like now would be a good time to send out a little reminder. This season has so much going on– and it is so easy to let the simple little things slip through the cracks. So here are my list of 5 simple ways to give back during the holiday season:

1) Donate to a local food pantry. Before you run out to the store, be sure to check out what your local nonprofits actually need. They are in general remarkably willing to communicate on this topic. In fact some emergency shelters in my area actually request that you provide them with home cooked meals that they can provide to clients or freeze for later use. You can also check out NPR’s story on donating cash not food for another perspective on this topic.

2) Visit a nursing home, your own relatives, or your neighbors. Do you have friends, family or neighbors this time of year? They would appreciate a friendly visit as well.

3) Use your skills for good. Are you a tax preparer by day? A marketing expert? A social media whiz kid? Consider volunteering your time and your skills. Consider volunteering your time to help the elderly now is the time to sign up–check out the AARP Tax Aide program. There are many ways you can serve your community in an on-going manner using the skills you already have (trust me, you have skills).

4) Create your own service project. It doesn’t have to be huge, or require special tax forms. If you know your neighbor is struggling with snow removal, lend a hand.  Even send a card to a friend who is feeling down.

5) Expand the impact of your service. Tell GenerationOn about your service, and Hasbro will donate a toy to the Toys for Tots program through the 2011 Holiday Gift Campaign. Hurry up and pledge your service now, the campaign ends December 13th. Keep in mind, you just need to pledge by the 13th, you don’t actually have to complete your service by then.

What are your favorite ways to give back?

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2 Responses to 5 Ways you can give back for the holidays

  1. Lisha says:

    i always give to my fav. charity: World Vision and then I tell all my relatives that I donated in honor of them. My family doesn’t need a bunch of presents anyway. They actually feel honored that I gave money to someone who needed it in honor of them anyway :) It’s really a win-win because there are people in this world who need food, water, clothing, and medicine. We are blessed and don’t need ANYTHING! in fact, I don’t like it when people ask me what I want for Christmas. What I want is for you to take that money and use it wisely and then give them rest to someone in need.

    Thanks for these great ideas on how else we can give during the holidays (and everyday for that matter)


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