Easy Ornament Crafts: Polymer Clay Christmas Ornaments

Red Polymer Clay OrnamentSometimes I just need a little bit of creativity in my life. Not a huge project, just something small and quick to use up some creative energy. This is a quick project I created to bring a little creativity to my Christmas decor. The great part about this nearly free Christmas ornament craft is that it is a great group craft project– so invite some friends over and dig in. Everyone will get a chance to express their personal creativity.

Here are the materials that I used:

Safety Note: Polymer clay is considered non-toxic but certain safety precautions should still be followed. Basically, don’t eat your clay and don’t use your clay utensils (cookie cutters, rolling pin, cookie sheet) for food preparation after you do this project. More information about the safety of polymer clay here.

1) First we rolled out the clay using a rolling pin or empty jar, and use cookie cutters to create shapes in the clay.

Some of the shapes were made with traditional cookie cutters, but others were recycled jar lids. The goal was to roll the clay out to be about 1/4″ thick before creating the shapes. We used a plastic drinking straw to poke holes in each piece so that we can hang them later.

2) Then we baked the pieces in the oven following the package instructions. It has been my

polymer clay on baking sheet

experience that each package of polymer clay has it’s own baking instructions including cook time and temperature. The directions can vary even within brands- so stay alert and follow the guidelines for your package.

3) Once the pieces have cooled to the touch we sanded them lightly and then painted them. Sanding was actually a really imporPainting Polymer Clay Ornamenttant step; not only did it smooth out any rough edges but it also helped the paint adhere evenly. This is where the creative piece came in. Matte white with black lettering is very trendy right now, but you don’t have to follow the trends. We got some great results with high gloss finishes in red and blue with copper and silver accents. If you want to go the high gloss route, some Sculpey gloss glaze was what we used to achieved a smooth, high gloss finish.

4) To finish the pieces off after they had dried thoroughly we put them on a small piece of coordinating ribbon to act as a tree hanger. You don’t have to use ribbon though, a piece of string, or even plarn.

White Polymer Clay Ornament

Red Polymer Clay OrnamentThis easy polymer clay Christmas ornament is a great group craft project. It can easily be completed within 2 hours so your Christmas party guests can take their unique ornament home with them and spread the Christmas cheer!










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  1. This is pretty neat and look very easy to make!

    Thanks for sharing this on the Take it on Tuesday blog hop!!

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