Frugal Craft: Crochet Doily’s

Note: I am stay-cationing this week with my husband and therefore I am not on the net much… but I did want to share a little mini project idea this week.

I have a confession to make, ever since way back when I posted about Grandma’s Lace, I have been developing a problem, a crochet problem. I have been spending lots of time learning about new crochet stitches, techniques and challenging myself with new projects. Sure I have already shared my crochet coasters, and doily trivet projects, but I have talked about my other projects– namely my doily projects. Let me tell you following lace doily pattern is challenging, there are specialized stitches, and lots of detailed directions to follow.

Here is an example of one I have already completed:


Do you have a favorite crochet project?

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