Simple Living: 5 Crafty Items You Already Have On Hand

Creativity doesn’t always require a trip to the craft store for supplies. Here are 5 crafty items you already have on hand.

1) Dryer Lint–At this point you are probably think that Silly Simple has officially lost her mind, or possibly “That’s so been done before”.

Ok, I admit it, while creating a giant ball of dryer lint art is actually pretty cool– It isn’t really a very good home craft project. Besides dryer lint is flammable so I am very reluctant to use it in household items.


newspaper bag finished

1) (the real #1) Newspaper – In the last year I started receiving the local newspaper weekend edition for the first time in about 20 years. From this subscription I get a healthy pile of coupons each week, a window into the local community (via the content), and plenty of left over newsprint for all the crafts I can imagine. I use my newspaper collection as temporary drop cloths for projects, not to mention to make fabulous gift bags.




2) Old Magazines – I just love getting a Paper Flower Close Upphysical magazine in the mail each month. I only have a subscription to 2 or 3 magazines, but it is so nice to spend some time curled up looking at all the pretty pictures. After I read the magazines and tear out the things that interest me, they can still be used. The colorful pages of old magazines work great as flower petals or even decoupaged onto other recycled items.

Close Up of Flower in Vaseball jar


3) Glass Containers – I am finding more and more that glass containers are immensely useful. My family uses them to store dry goods in the pantry, store crafting odds and ends and we even paint glass containers and turn them into vases.


Crochet Coaster Finished4) Fabric Scraps – Whether we are talking about clothing ruined with stains and tears, or old drapes, curtains, sheets or other table cloths that have seen better days everyone eventually ends up with at least a small pile of fabric scraps. Of course we donate items that still have life left in them – even items that I don’t like anymore could still be useful to someone in need. Sometimes though, the fabric scraps are just … not going to be useful to anyone. These become a crafty home gold mine. Why not turn the fabric scraps into coasters? I am eager to try out crafting my own crochet rug, and sew my own quilt over the next few months.

Closed Egg Carton5) Egg Cartons – For some reason the ways these little containers can be recycled is limitless. I have turned them into seed starters in the spring and used them to replace floral foam in my recycled flower project. Other people do even more things with them. I have even seen them used as christmas ornament organizers!

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