Links We Love… Warehouse Club Edition

Giant Pickle JarI should probably start this post with a disclaimer or something about this being a long winded rant. I have family visiting this week, it is great to have them in town and as an added bonus they even took us on a trip to one of those big warehouse club stores that you need a membership for (ie. Sam’s Club, Costoc, BJ’s).

Giant Jars of Pickles

I don’t actually have a membership at any of the various warehouse clubs, and this weeks trip is a perfect example of why I don’t have one.  I have an occasional problem with impulse control that seems to appear in certain environments. Perhaps it is the veneer of exclusivity that the membership provides, or maybe it is just the overblown marketing of very large size products–but I just have a hard time controlling the impulse to spend. I always seem to come home with some sort of random and very large item that I really don’t need (but I want!). This week it was a giant jar of pickles, they are just really attractive and weren’t to expensive either. I am thinking about using them as a centerpiece.

Preparing for the Apocalypse

On a slightly unrelated note…does anyone else think about the movie Blast From the Past when they are in a warehouse club store? It is like everyone is running around trying to replenish their bomb shelter before the next apocalypse or something.

**Please Note: I just want to make sure that we are clear here: if you like Warehouse Club stores?  That is AWESOME, I am not hatin’. Lot’s of my family and friends swear by them. One of the fundamentals of simple and frugal living is to simply avoid going places where you tend to make unnecessary impulse purchases–I am a just following this method.

Links We Love…

Now for the linky part of today’s festivities.  Here is just a handful of the awesomeness from around the web this week…

I have been thinking about crafting with Mod Podge lately, though that just might be because my husband managed to unstuck the lid on my Mod Podge jar. Anyways, this crafty idea from Ashley Ann Photography is just beautiful…



“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” -by William Morris

Pancakes and French Fries has a really interesting commentary on the things we keep, what we choose to throw away, and how that affects our legacy after we are gone. As I have commented on in the past, I find the subject of simple living, clutter, and deciding what is kept and what thrown away both fascinating and utterly confounding.



This is an unfortunately common conversation in my house:

SillySimple: Do you think I could make this recipe even though we are out of butter…and sugar…and flour… and salt?

Mr. SillySimple: No

Now I have a resource when I feel the urge substitute. Yummly has created a list of common cooking substitutes, with a special emphasis on those stubborn baking recipes. I am excited to have this one in my bookmarks!


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