5 Ways to Save Money on Groceries without Clipping Coupons

Grocery AisleEveryone wants to reduce their grocery budget, but few are willing to put in the time to clip coupons.  Here are some ways that I have found that will reduce your grocery budget without actually requiring you to clip coupons.

  1. Plan your weekly menu out in advance:  List out dinner entrees, plus options for breakfast and lunch for the whole week.  Think about what ingredients you will need to complete these meals.
  2. Create a grocery list:  Keep a running list of household and grocery items that you need to replenish during the week.
  3. Develop a routine:  Go shopping on a regular schedule (like Mondays), and pick a grocery store you consistently shop at.  Learn how the prices and sales work at your regular grocery store.  Remember how much a loaf of bread costs and a gallon of milk.  If you are feeling inclined, you can even take notes about this stuff on the back of your grocery list as you walk through the store.  This will help you prioritize sales.
  4. Buy at low prices:  Like the stock market, the goal is to buy groceries at their lowest price possible.  If something you use regularly goes on sale for an amazing price– buy a little more than you need.  You can freeze and/or store extras until you need them.  You don’t have to dedicate a wing of your house to your stock pile, just a shelf or two somewhere in your kitchen.  Shoot for a 3-6 month supply on items you use regularly. Remember: only buy items for your stockpile when they are on sale for rock bottom prices.
  5. Use what you have:  Remember it is O.K. to run out of something.  You don’t have to instantly develop a 3 month supply of everything in your pantry.  If you run out of an ingredient at some point during the week get creative with what you do have until your next grocery day.
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