Links we love…

Here is just a handful of the awesomeness we loved from around the web this week.

Check out this haunted dollhouse from The Bloggess featured on Craftzine.  For those of us who like the idea of haunted but only in small quantities :-)



For those of you interested in reducing your monthly expenses either by choice or circumstance, I stumbled on the The Prudent Homemaker this week.  Great source for tips on living well on a little budget– I especially liked the pantry recommendations.

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they simply want to do the impossible.  For some people the impossible “cure cancer”, for others that might be time travel, or shape shifting.  For me, the impossible goal is a mythical creature called “no-sew re-upholstery”.  Life as DIY Wifey seems to have accomplished the impossible with her nursery chair re-upholstery tutorial.

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