Frugal Gardening 101: Onions

It has been a while since my last frugal garden update. I don’t want you to think that we have forgotten about the garden– it is still there going strong.  There is still a huge bowl of tomatoes on my kitchen counter, and a drawer full of squash in the fridge.  The squash plant has even bounced back from prior reports that it was dieing off.

This week we have been pulling out some of the lettuce that went to seed earlier this month, and researching sprays and other methods for making the plants less desirable to those pesky deer.  Aside from a healthy dose of tomatoes and squash, our onions have finished their growing season.  At least I think that they have finished their growing season.  I have to admit here that I am hardly a gardening expert– rather this is the first time I have ever grown onions.   My seemingly expert knowledge of onion harvesting comes from a good friend of mine I like to call “google“, and an ability to read articles on the internet.  I found that the national gardening association has a great summary on onions.  I am following these directions regarding harvesting, drying, and storing more or less– mostly less, I don’t have a garage to store the onions so they are currently in my living room.  Once they are good and dry, and I am reasonably sure that some sort of giant bug won’t hatch from them and take over my apartment I will move them to a more discrete location.

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