Simple Frugal Garden Update: Getting Bigger!

As I prepared this blog post I looked back at my previous garden updates.  Things have really changed from those early posts about seed starters, to progress reports from May and early June.  The progress is startling.  We have started to harvest not only lettuce and chard, but also crookneck squash zucchini, carrots, spring onions, peppers and cucumbers.  I didn’t really expect such quick results (though it sure seemed like it was taking forever a month ago).

Late June Garden Update

There are still some questions remaining, like:

  • why has the basil plant turned yellow and lost leaves?
  • How long does it really take for a tomato to ripen?
  • What am I going to do with all this squash?  and cucumbers?

Will have to answer these questions in another update sometime down the road because for now I just don’t know the answer.

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8 Responses to Simple Frugal Garden Update: Getting Bigger!

  1. Your garden looks lovely. I think it looks like a professional landscaping job…of veggies!
    I wish I could tell you why your plant is turning yellow. Perhaps there is something wrong with the root system. Bugs?

    • sillysimple says:

      Thanks for your comment Rachel! really appreciate it :-)
      The mystery of the yellowing basil plant continues…

  2. Thanks for visiting Texas Cottage! I think your garden looks great. My basil is doing great, but my squash and cucumbers look kind of sickly. I don’t know why either.

  3. You can slice and freeze the squash to use in recipes later. Have you thought about making your own pickles with your cucumbers? Your garden looks great!

    • sillysimple says:

      Hi Rhen! I am working on a blog post about my adventures in pickle making! swing by next week for more details :-)

  4. Have you been harvesting any of your basil? It likes to be used up, so you’ve gotta cut/eat, cut/eat–or it can turn yellow. Other than that, it could be many things–too much water, not enough sun {need atleast 4 hrs direct sunlight}, etc.

    And I agree–you’ve got a beautiful garden!!

    As for the squash and cucumbers–Can, Can, Can. But, you probably knew that’d be my answer. 😉

    • sillysimple says:

      Phoebe– thanks for the advice on the basil, I tried cutting it back a fair bit and it appears to be bouncing back now–whew!

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