Simple Frugal Garden Update: Progress Edition

A month or so ago when I first started blogging about my garden, I really never thought I would get to this point.  This week we have had two meals incorporating produce from the garden.  It was both delicious, and empowering.  Please just let me pause a moment and say…


**Happy Dance**

Ok now back to our serious discussion about gardening.  Here is a quick time lapse of the garden between early may (remember that?) and earlier this week.

Early May GardenGarden Update Early June

So far we have only managed to harvest lettuce and chard, but we are getting closer with some of our other veggies every day.  Here are some pictures!


Pepper is getting bigger






Green Tomatoes

Tomatoes are still green but getting bigger...








cucumber beetle

Here is my err... pet cucumber beetle, he has delightful color, and just loves to munch on my cucumber and squash plants...


As you can see the garden has had some successes, and a handful bugs so far.  Let’s just hope our good luck in recent weeks will hold out (and that Mr. Cucumber beetle doesn’t take over).

Check us out over at Frugal Gardening 101.

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