Links we love…

Here are just a handful of simple awesome we saw around the internet this week… hope you enjoy!

I have been really interested in up-cycling, recycling, and re-purposing household goods recently.  Here is an interesting article on making coasters and trivets out of recycled cereal boxes.

This is a crush worthy project that I am dieing to try out.  Boot trays with river rocks— sure it has been done before– hello Martha Stewart, but the vivelyonline version really just… rocks :-)  This one is on my project list!

Here is a great article about all the places you can find/upcycle frameable art for your home.  we all can’t afford to decorate with original Monet’s, and most of the time the purpose of the art work is to add color and light to a room.  I think this project leads to some fascinating results.


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  1. Russo says:

    I love these- I am so gonna give the coasters a whirl. I love how you find such different items!~Russo @

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